Featured Testimonial: Expectation of Failure Turns Into Exceptional Project


I just wanted to thank you and the Roll-Kraft team for your work on this project.

Honestly, I anticipated a total failure and completely lost afternoon in downtime.  The project had a few bumps, but the tooling performed exceptionally well.

Once again thanks for all the effort!

Joe Frandanisa
Welded Tubes, Inc.

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Roll-Kraft to Host Regional Tube and Pipe and Roll Forming Training Seminars

Roll-Kraft is pleased to once again be hosting regional training seminars in Mentor, Ohio. The tube and pipe training seminar will take place on August 21 and the roll forming training seminar will take place on August 22. Each seminar will include the option to take a tour of Roll-Kraft’s state-of-the-art headquarters.

Find more details and register here:


Roll-Kraft Hosts Students for Manufacturing Facility Tour

Roll-Kraft recently hosted a group of middle school students from nearby Madison, OH.  The group of seventh- and eighth-grade students toured the Roll-Kraft facility in small groups, to allow more personal attention to the student during the visit.  Each group toured the factory, the engineering department, and the offices.  For many, this was their first visit to a manufacturing facility.

This tour was in conjunction with Roll-Kraft’s relationship with AWT (Alliance for Working Together).  AWT is a local agency that promotes manufacturing careers to students in Northeast Ohio.   Through the AWT, over 1,100 students expressed interest in touring manufacturing facilities.   In addition to Roll-Kraft, groups of students visited multiple production facilities in the area, as well.

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Featured Roll Forming Question: Roll Forming High Carbon Steel vs. Low Carbon Steel

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We have a set of roll form tooling from America. When we purchase steel locally, the machines runs well with maximum throughput. However, when our purchasing department buys steel from overseas, we have problems keeping our product in spec while wasting valuable production time trying to reset the machine.

The steel from overseas, when tested, has a much higher carbon content which would make the product have more memory. It is also inconsistent along the length of the product. These are up to 3m long with our most common size at 2.4m. What do you think?


You are correct, when steel has additional carbon, it becomes difficult to form and ductility is removed as the steel work-hardens.

Our recommendation would be to commit to either the lower carbon content material that you purchase locally or the higher carbon content material purchased overseas. If you are consistent with the material you use, we can help you create a setup that would work, even with the higher carbon steel.

Inconsistency in the type of material used can result in continual problems that will require increased inspections and adjustments.

Answer Provided By:
Chuck Summerhill