Tooling looking good and looking forward to next project


FYI, we installed the Lower Ridge Form Roll tooling this past Friday and I just wanted you to know that everything is looking good with the tooling.

The ridges are sharp, well defined and we want to thank you for doing such a good job with this project.

Now, we would like to move forward with the next part and really start to move on getting the tooling defined and some quotes so I can get the approvals for the Roll Forming portion.

Thanks for everything you have done so far and I am looking forward to working with you on this project.

Rob Wenrich
Manufacturing Engineer

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Fantastic Mill Alignment Performed Despite Mill Condition & Time Constraints


I apologize for not having sent an email before regarding the outcome of the Abbey Mill Alignment.

First of all I would like to recognize and commend Tim’s job. As always, he has done a fantastic job and worked around the clock with Rick and his guys to get the alignment done in time.

This time we had a pretty rough alignment. We had to fight with some issues we were having with our stands and bearing blocks.

But after all that hard work, the mill started pretty good.

Once again I have to say that we are very pleased with the service provided and we look forward to keep working together on our future mill alignments.


Jorge M. Bunge
Mill Manager

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Featured Testimonial: Roll-Kraft Comes Through Yet Again

First of all, we at Parthenon Metal Works want to thank everyone at Roll Kraft for the effort that was applied to this project. The “starting & the stopping”, and all the phone call and e-mails. Hopefully it will give business to both plants in the future.

Roll Kraft always come through.

Thanks for all the hard work


– – – – –

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Featured Testimonial: Sensational Customer Service

Hi Chuck,

I just wanted you to know that from a customer standpoint, everyone we have worked with has been sensational. From your receptionist and telephone operator, to Ivan, Shawn, Bret, and Greg.  We lost our plant manager a couple of weeks ago, which gave us a setback.  So, recently, I have had more contact with your people than I have in the past.  I just wanted you to know how great it is to be working with them and with you.  We appreciate all that you do. Thanks.

Tubetech Inc.
Steve Oliphant
Chief Executive Officer

– – – – –

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Featured Testimonial: Great Work on the Canada Regional Seminar

Hello Robert,

Thank you for the feed-back and additional info you just sent.

I said it in person, but I’d like to repeat it in writing that my colleagues and I appreciated a lot the seminar: practical, alert, good explanations, a lot of information … in short, great work ! By looking at the evaluation summary, I’m glad to see that all the participants feel the same and that everybody enjoyed this activity.

A special thanks for Ovidiu and his team for hosting the event and for the guided tour of the shop.

Best regards,

Mircea Turcu
Directeur ingénierie PTT/HTP Engineering Manager
Spectra Premium Industries Inc.

– – – – –

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Roll-Kraft Provides Huge Payback Without Risk of Mistakes

It had come to me through the grape vine that we were quoting some Roll-Kraft tooling through our Mexico facility. At my previous employer we had used Roll-Kraft exclusively. We never had an issue and never needed to go anywhere else. We had a long standing relationship with Roll-Kraft and you had bailed us out on more than one occasion to keep our mills up and going.

In addition to all new tooling coming from Roll-Kraft, you also did all of our regrinds and repair work. We did the polishing in house. The tooling always came back on time and in perfect shape. On a few of the newer parts we had tried designs unsure if they would give us the expected result. Roll-Kraft was always willing to work with us on these R&D type projects and was always very fair.

If anyone has any questions about Roll-Kraft and the service/quality they provide and would like to hear about them from a previous customer, please let me know. They may have not been the lowest cost, but the service they provided for us was a huge payback with no risk of mistakes.

Scott Baker
Technical Sales Engineer

Lightning Fast Response Time


We received the soft roll yesterday. We’re back up and running. Please express my gratitude to all involved. It is refreshing to see a company that still has the capability and desire to support industry with lightning-fast response time.

I will respond within the next few days with all of the information necessary to quote a new set of rolls.

Thanks again,

Stephen Fitchett, Manufacturing Manager
Broan Nutone Storage Systems

Outstanding Roll Forming Operator and Gearbox Training

I just wanted to say that the operator training and the gearbox training went very well. Frank and Matt were outstanding and did a superb job planning and laying out the training sessions. Our crew came out of the training with a far better understanding of the operation and setup of the roll formers and the know how to properly diagnose/rebuild the gearboxes.

Thank you for the time and effort that was put into this training. We greatly appreciate it.