Tooling looking good and looking forward to next project


FYI, we installed the Lower Ridge Form Roll tooling this past Friday and I just wanted you to know that everything is looking good with the tooling.

The ridges are sharp, well defined and we want to thank you for doing such a good job with this project.

Now, we would like to move forward with the next part and really start to move on getting the tooling defined and some quotes so I can get the approvals for the Roll Forming portion.

Thanks for everything you have done so far and I am looking forward to working with you on this project.

Rob Wenrich
Manufacturing Engineer

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Fantastic Mill Alignment Performed Despite Mill Condition & Time Constraints


I apologize for not having sent an email before regarding the outcome of the Abbey Mill Alignment.

First of all I would like to recognize and commend Tim’s job. As always, he has done a fantastic job and worked around the clock with Rick and his guys to get the alignment done in time.

This time we had a pretty rough alignment. We had to fight with some issues we were having with our stands and bearing blocks.

But after all that hard work, the mill started pretty good.

Once again I have to say that we are very pleased with the service provided and we look forward to keep working together on our future mill alignments.


Jorge M. Bunge
Mill Manager

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Roll-Kraft Sponsors 2014 World Class Roll Forming Workshop

Roll-Kraft was the exclusive industry sponsor for the recent FMA’s (Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International) World-Class Roll Forming Workshop held in Independence, OH.  In addition to the programs, the attendees and guests were given the opportunity to visit the Roll-Kraft headquarters factory a short drive away in Mentor, OH.   There, they toured the 110,000 sq. ft. facility and observed a full complement of more than 30 CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines at this location, more than any other such factory in North America, some with capabilities of producing up to 40” diameter roll tooling.  The on-site visit gave everyone a better understanding of the amazing technological advances that have been made in the manufacturing process over the years.

Roll Pics 122 500px

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